Brewed by polishing new rice harvested this year,
Origarami Namazake* is the first new rice sake.

Preparation began at the end of summer, when the heat still lingered in the air.
It was shipped at the beginning of autumn as the trees began to change color.

This is a special new sake that is only available at this time of year, brewed with new rice.
In order for everyone to enjoy the fresh taste,
We purposely do not pasteurize the sake, making it raw sake.

The aroma and mouthfeel has a freshness reminiscent of green apples.
Behind this freshness, the delicate sweetness of the rice peeks out.
This sake has a pleasant acidity that fades cleanly while leaving a refreshing aftertaste.

This sake is best enjoyed while eating.
Why not pair this crisp and lively sake with some delicious autumn cuisine?
Please chill it well and drink it in a thin glass.

*Origarami Namazake: Nigori sake that has not been pasteurized after being pressed.
You can enjoy a fresher feeling. In addition to refrigerated storage,
We ask for your cooperation in consuming the product within 3 months from the month of manufacture.

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