In December, the first snow fell in Miyagi Prefecture, where Niizawa Brewery is located, and the wind that blew through was bitterly cold.
At this time when we can hear the footsteps of full-fledged winter, we will be shipping “Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjo Origarami Namazake*”.

Hakurakusei’s new sake is made using 100% “Kura no Hana”, a rice suitable for sake brewing from Miyagi Prefecture.
The superiority of flat polished rice is expressed to the fullest, resulting in a taste typical of Hakurakusei that is neither too heavy nor too sweet.

What we would like to ask you to do is to chill the sake bottle until just before drinking it.
A pleasant scent reminiscent of melon passes through, and a youthful green apple-like flavor spreads out in a lively manner.

A sense of concentration, lightness, exhilaration, and clarity.
All the elements overlap in a well-balanced manner and become one, and before you know it, it suddenly disappears beautifully.
As the “ultimate sake to accompany meals,” it is an alcoholic beverage that brings out winter ingredients even more.

Enjoy a delicious meal in a warm room while looking out at the snowy scenery through the window.
Please enjoy Hakurakusei, which can only be enjoyed at this time of year.

*Origarami Namazake: Nigori sake that has not been pasteurized after being squeezed.
You can enjoy a more fresh feeling. In addition to refrigerated storage,
We ask for your cooperation in consuming the product within 3 months from the month of manufacture.

“Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjo Origarami Namazake”
■Uses 100% “Kura no Hana” rice suitable for sake brewing from Miyagi Prefecture
■Shipment start date: December 5, 2023

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