Niizawa Brewery has two sake that herald the coming of spring.
One is the sweet and sour, pink, cloudy sake “Atago no Matsu Harukoi Junmai Ginjo Namazake,” and the other is “Atago no Matsu Gin no Iroha Junmai Daiginjo.”

In February 2024, “Atago no Matsu Gin no Iroha Junmai Daiginjo” will be available. This sake is available only once a year.

This sake is made using 100% “Gin no Iroha”, a rice from Miyagi Prefecture suitable for sake brewing, and polished using flat rice polishing.

When you put it in your mouth, a sweet and pleasant aroma passes by, followed by a lively and refreshing acidity.
The freshness and gentle sweetness come together in the perfect balance before disappearing.
It is the “ultimate sake for meals” that expresses transparency and delicacy while also having a dignified presence.

We ship our products with sincere feelings from our Kawasaki warehouse, where the chirping of birds echoes in the tranquility.
Please give it a try.

“Atago no Matsu Harukoi Junmai Ginjo Namazake”
■100% “Gin no Iroha” rice suitable for sake brewing from Miyagi Prefecture (flat polished rice)
■Shipment start date: Wednesday, February 7, 2024 *Limited one-time shipment
■Storage method: Requires refrigeration -5°C to 5°C

●Gin no Iroha
This is the first new variety in about 20 years since the birth of Kuranohana, a rice suitable for sake brewing from Miyagi Prefecture.
A cross between the high-yielding variety “Genkimaru” from Miyagi Prefecture and the “Dewa no Sato” rice suitable for sake brewing from Yamagata Prefecture.
Sake rice with excellent cold resistance and yield that suits the climate of Miyagi Prefecture.
Its major characteristics are its large grains and also a large inner starch core.
●Flat polished rice
Also known as Shingin rice polishing, it is a rice polishing method that focuses on the thickness of brown rice rather than its length and width.
It effectively removes components that cause off-flavors and preserves the flavor.

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