We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your continued patronage.

At the “Hong Kong Tasting Trendies Sake Awards (TTSA) 2024” held in Hong Kong,
We received “GRAND GOLD” and “GOLD” awards.

Held since 2017, the “Hong Kong Tasting Trendies Sake Awards (TTSA)” emphasizes the enjoyment of high-quality alcoholic beverages and organizes events to showcase a variety of alcoholic beverages.
This is a sake contest held with the aim of sharing the joy of tasting sake.

We are very honored to have received such honorable awards in such a contest.

This award is also thanks to everyone who has continued to patronize and support us. We thank you all once again for your support.

All of our brewers will continue to work hard to produce even better quality sake without making any compromises.

— Award —
[Honjozo Department]
◆Atagonomatsu Betsujikomi Honjozo
[Super premium category]
◆Zankyo Super 7

EXPERT GROUP: Alcohol selected by experts
USER GROUP: Alcohol selected by customers (consumers)

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