“Atagonomatsu Hitonatsunokoi Junmai Ginjo”

This seasonal product will be shipped and released on May 9th, 2023.
This summer sake will be available until August 31st.

The “Atagonomatsu Hitonatsunokoi Junmai Ginjo” is brewed using only Miyagi Prefecture grown “Hitomebore” sake rice.

This sake’s refreshing acidity matches that of other “Atagonomatsu” sakes, while it is also uniquely presents as a summer sake.

We hope that you will once again enjoy “Atagonomatsu Hitonatsunokoi Junmai Ginjo” this summer.
Take note of the cute label, distinguishable by all the hearts.

Flavor Profile
Featuring a suppressed sweetness, the aroma emulates that of banana and melon, which when consumed highlights its freshness.
As the season is warming up, please take special care to keep this sake chilled between 5℃ and -5℃ (41℉ to 23℉).

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