Atagonomatsu Junmai Daiginjo Hakutsurunishiki was released on Tuesday July 11th.

This sake is brewed using only “Hakutsurunishiki”, a specialty sake rice known for its clarity and depth. Furthermore, the fresh and bright flavor profile of this sake is such that even in the hot summer season one will find themselves pouring seconds.

Product Details
Rice: 100% Hyogo Prefecture Hakutsurunishiki Sake Rice
Rice Polishing Ratio: 50%
ABV: 15%
Capacity: 1800mL and 720mL

Flavor Profile:
This sake’s aroma features the fine and delicate scent of a fresh Muskmelon.
The smooth mouthfeel of the sake paired with the hints of fresh pineapple creates a sense of great joy.
The flavor of this sake will develop over time and only become more complex.
As a seasonal summer sake, it pairs well with seasonal summer vegetables, rock oysters, and conger eel.

What is Hakutsurunishiki?
This sake rice is a cross breed of “Yamadaho” and “Wataribune No. 2”.
It is a close sibling of one of the most popular varieties of sake rice, “Yamadanishiki”. When compared to “Yamadanishiki” this sake rice differs in that,
◆The rice plant is shorter; thus, it is less likely to fall over,
◆The rice core is larger, resulting in a clearer flavor profile,
◆The flavor is ultimately deeper.

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