How far can rice be polished?
And most importantly, what will it taste like?
These were the ideas that lead to the creation of “Zankyou.”

In 2009, since sake with a single-digit rice polishing rate first appeared in the world,
The rice milling rate, which was 9% at the time, has evolved → 9%, 8%, → 7% to the present day.

The rice milling time is 350 hours, and the milling rate is 7%.
It has a gentle aroma reminiscent of pears and an elegant taste reminiscent of white grapes and cantaloupe.
It has an infinitely beautiful transparency and a smooth aftertaste that resonates while being folded in many layers.

We take pride in being pioneers of high-definition polishing,
And put our thoughts into each small grain.
Please experience the ultimate sake that luxuriously encapsulates only the taste of the core of rice,

~Super Special Junmai Daiginjo Reverberation 2023~
◆ Capacity: 720ml
◆ Rice polishing rate: 7%
◆ Shipping date: November 28, 2023

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