We would like to inform you that our sake has won a prize at the “Catador World Wine & Spirits Awards 2023,”
hosted by the organizers of the largest wine competition in Latin America.

We are humbled to receive such an award in Chile, a world-class wine-producing country.

As one of the breweries responsible for representing the world-class “Japanese sake” culture,
We will continue striving to make sake that lives up to this award.

-Award-Winning Sake-

≪Gold Award≫
・ Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjo

≪Silver Award≫
・Rich yuzu sake
・Sato Farm’s plum wine blue plum
・Sato Farm’s plum wine brown sugar
・Kishinamien’s plum wine blue plum
・Kishinamien’s plum wine brown sugar

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