We would like to inform you that we have received a very prestigious award at the “Councours Mondial des Féminalise 2024”.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who patronizes sake and our products.
As one of the breweries responsible for Japanese sake culture, we will continue to work hard to brew sake whole-heartedly.

[Councours Mondial des Féminalise 2024]

-Award-winning sake-

≪Cou de Cour Jury Special Award≫

◆Sake section
・Reikyo -Absolute 0- 2023
・Atagonomatsu Hitonatsu no Koi Junmai Ginjo

≪Gold Award≫

◆Junmai Daiginjo Sake Category
・Reikyo -Absolute 0- 2023
・Zankyo Super 7 2023
・Atagonomatsu Gin no Iroha Junmai Daiginjo

◆Junmai Ginjo Sake Division
・Atagonomatsu Hitonatsu no Koi Junmai Ginjo

[About the Councours Mondial des Féminalise 2024]
This internationally renowned competition is held with female wine experts from all over the world as judges, and is ranked in the top five in France, the home of wine.
Approximately 600 female wine experts from around the world, including experienced female sommeliers, female oenologists, female journalists, and female chefs, gather to evaluate the wines through a rigorous blind tasting process.
From 2020, the [Sake Department] has been newly established.

[Féminalise World Wine Competition Official Website]