Two hearts that come together as one… could this be love?
This summer, why not get excited about a fresh “summer love” that begins with “love at first sight”?

“Hitonatsu no Koi” is a summer sake in the style of Atagonomatsu.
It has a gentle aroma reminiscent of banana and melon, refreshing acidity, and a refreshing drinking experience.
Low in sugar content, it has a light and fresh taste.
Even in the hot summer, you can drink it without getting tired, stimulating your appetite and creating a synergistic effect.

The rice used is 100% Hitomebore from Miyagi Prefecture.
It’s a special taste only available in summer.

Made from “The Ultimate Food Sake,’’ this may just be “The Ultimate Summer Sake.” Please enjoy this product chilled.

“Atagonomatsu Hitonatsu no Koi Junmai Ginjo”
■100% Hitomebore from Miyagi Prefecture (flat polished rice)
■Shipment start date: May 9, 2024 (Thursday) *Summer limited shipping
■Storage method: Requires refrigeration -5°C to 5°C

●Flat polished rice
Also known as Shingin rice polishing, it is a rice polishing method that focuses on the thickness of brown rice rather than its length and width.
It effectively removes components that cause off-flavors and preserves the flavor.

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