Made with 100% Miyagi Prefecture “Gin no Iroha” Sake Rice –“Atagonomatsu Gin no Iroha Junmai Daiginjo”

Distribution of this product began on February 7th.

“Gin no Iroha” is a relatively new sake that debuted in 2019, the first year of the Reiwa era.

This limited-edition sake made with rice polished by our “Flat Rice Polishing” machines is only available once per year.

We hope you enjoy “Gin no Iroha”.

Tasting Notes:
A well-balanced sake, that features a bright fresh acidity that is paired with a subtle sweetness.
The subtlety and clarity of this sake truly makes it the “ultimate food sake”.

“Gin no Iroha”
“Gin no Iroha” is Miyagi Prefecture’s second original sake rice.
This rice debuted 20 years after the birth of “Kura no Hana”, Miyagi Prefecture’s first original sake rice.
“Gin no Iroha” is a combination of Miyagi Prefecture’s high yield “Genki Maru” and Yamagata Prefecture’s original sake rice “Dewa no Sato”.
This cross results in a high yield hybrid that is cold resistant, suitable for sake, and perfect for Miyagi Prefecture’s climate.
This large grain rice also features a high shinpaku rate.

“Flat Rice Polishing”
“Flat Rice Polishing” or “Shingin Rice Polishing” is a rice polishing method that focuses on the thickness of the brown rice rather than length or width of the rice.
Our “Flat Rice Polishing” machine efficiently removes the components of the sake rice that cause unwanted flavors hence preserving the original umami of the rice.

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